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    Arteor™ is the innovative answer to the increasingly complex requirements in the building business all over the world. Arteor™ excels by its unique aesthetics and a rich choice of innovative designs and ergonomical options.

    arteor_01 arteor_02 arteor_03
    The range reaches from wiring devices, through innovative radio automation solutions, up to fully networked home automation systems based on BUS technology, which can also be integrated into third party solutions.

    arteor_05 arteor_04arteor_06
    Its versatility makes Arteor™ the ideal choice for every kind of project, anywhere in the world at any
    installation level. Arteor™ suits any requirement in terms of design and function for every kind of building, from residential to commercial.

    arteor_08 arteor_07

    Arteor™ cover frames.

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