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    PAST…PRESENT…FUTURE of Italian style…

    The GI Gambarelli catalogue offers a full range of specialised products for home building systems.
    GI Gambarelli produces all the elements necessary to create an authentic, complete
    electrical system, from classic switches to data, telephone and TV sockets, as well as vintage Twenties-style service bells.
    In addition, we study every single detail in depth, seeking out the finest of materials able to complement the beauty of porcelain in order to guarantee a perfectly crafted electrical system that combines flawless quality with an appealing appearance.
    These are the distinctive features of our brand, setting us apart from other manufacturers with a different approach to the market.

    gg01 gg02
    GI Gambarelli makes vintage-style components for electrical systems, using exclusively fine-quality raw materials.
    The main element in our switches, sockets and lighting is elegant, genuine porcelain, and products are made using the traditional casting method so as to guarantee the finest possible quality, bringing a splendidly authentic touch to the whole system. Each individual piece is therefore crafted by hand.
    The cables are covered in silk fibre, which is not only bright, beautiful and easy to clean, but also safe: an important feature of silk fibre is that it does not spread flames in the event of a fire.
    Technology, quality and beauty blend seamlessly into a superb finished product.



    Our expertise in porcelain is not limited to basic electrical installations, but is equally evident in our lighting products: Suspended or fixed ceiling lamps, droplights, wall lights, bedside lamps.
    The same fine-quality raw material, porcelain, can be used for the lighting elements, in harmony with the vintage style of the wiring system, ensuring a perfectly coordinated effect that illuminates the whole room or building.

    gg04 gg05 gg06


    GI Gambarelli’s brand-new RECESSED products have been carefully researched and are in keeping with the philosophy that underlies our whole range of products: The perfect solution for those seeking an exclusive style.
    Superior-quality raw materials, such as porcelain, glass, metal and wood, are combined and crafted into truly unique designer articles.
    Our range of recessed elements takes account of the various trends in architecture, making them ideal for any home, whatever the style.

    gg08 gg09 gg10

    You can find complete GI Gambarelli catalogue in out Library.

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