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    ad notam

    German Mirror TV Technology

    an_01ad notam AG is a German Mirror TV company specializing in engineering and manufacturing special monitor systems in order to be combined with glass technology. As the inventor of the Mirror TV with over eight years experience in this competitive industry, ad notam remains the leading authority in Mirror TV technology.

    MIRROR IMAGE® is the monitor system from ad notam that drives images through glass to deliver superb picture quality. Whether placed behind a crystal mirror or a MAGIC MIRROR®, MIRROR IMAGE® transforms an ordinary mirror to a mirror “powered by ad notam”.
    All ad notam monitor systems are custom-engineered display technology. They are exclusively designed to overcome the unique challenges of operating in ventilation deprived environments and to allow easy and adjustable mounting. The elaborated unique mounting systems accompanying all ad notam products are distinctively designed to suit all particularized placements behind any glass surfaces.
    MIRROR IMAGE® technology is patent protected.

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